According to report gathered, four members of a family has been admitted to Thane Civil Hospital after a mobile phone exploded at the early hour of Friday while charging. The explosion caused fire brake out and razed down their house. Four members of the family from Shahapur sustained various degrees of burns and injuries, and are receiving medical treatment. Rajendra Shinde (43), his wife Roshini(38), daughter Rachana(13), and son Abhishek(10) are the affected persons.

According to doctors, the parents have been inflicted with severed injuries while the children are being treated for minor burns. “Rajendra has suffered 32% burns on his palms, legs, and face while Roshini has 26% burns on her right leg and face,” said Dr Kailash Pawar, civil surgeon at the hospital.

A statement by the Shahapur police spokes person said that affected family lives in the ground floor of Pratiksha apartment in Kasarali area of Shahapur Taluka, Thane district. Rajendra, who is a security man in a private company at Mulund said that the phone was bought two months ago. ” I was sleeping on a bed, while my wife and three children were sleeping on a mattress on the floor. The phone was near a window. I was about to unplug it when it exploded,” says Rajendra.

Report says that the explosion caused the curtains and bedsheets to catch fire. Fortunately, one of Rajendra’s children managed to excape unhurt. The rest were not so lucky as they sustained various degrees of burns and injuries. ( The neighbours who witnessed the ordeal rushed the family to a nearby government hospital, before they were referred to Thane Civil Hospital.

According to experts on the reason for the explosion, they said there could be multiple reasons for mobile phone explosion. “Naturally, smartphone companies make sure adequate tests are done before sending a product in the market. Companies always keep in mind that there are laymen who has no knowledge of the technicalities of a phone. So, they make sure adequate precautions are taken to avoid explosions, short-circuits or any untoward incidents. Phone blasts could occur due to various reasons and need not to be only due to overcharging. In fact, smartphones cut off current supply on its own once batteries are charged,” said Nitin Patel, a tech expert from Thane.

Patel went further to explain that ” some of the reasons for a cellphone explosion could be that a battery capsule is punctured, the processor is not functioning properly and unable to cool down, etc. Also, if there is any manufacturing fault in a phone, then all phones in that particular batch will face the same problem. No company makes a single phone at a time.”


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